Sidmouth Drill Hall Rescue loves Folk Week

Well of course I do, that is how I was introduced to the Drill Hall. How many others remember the sweaty summers of ’75 and ’76 in there? Dancing, Fancy Dress evenings, Los Jairas, ah yes, I remember it well. And I regret that we can no longer use it.

But it is worse than that isn’t it? Because now the actual plans have been produced which show how they propose to replace it with a soul-less block, and destroy Sidmouth Trawlers as well. Oh and the seating and toilets in the block at the turning circle too; so the wind and rain will funnel through down the Ham putting more strain on the marquee and making the displays at the Hub miserable for performers and audience alike!

Of course the shadow cast will not be that great in the first week in August, and they will have moved the boat park to avoid people and boats being damaged and litigation occurring … but even so …..

If you want to see what they are proposing their drawings are here and my exploration of the effects are here and here

Sidmouth loves and needs Folk Week, if Folk Week loves and needs Sidmouth then tell our Councillors we don’t want this!  (and follow me)