Proposed redevelopment 2017, overview

Thankfully this proposed redevelopment, below, was abandoned dues to huge opposition from Sidmouth residents and visitors. The official campaign was headed by Cllr Cathy Gardner and Cllr Marianne Rixson, supported by Cllr Dawn Manley and their crew, it was called Retain, Refurbish and Renew.

This was one of the posters used to inform people.

You will notice that the proposal ran a road through the fisherman’s yard, obliterating the Sidmouth Trawlers business. It also placed a boat park on Ham land which is part of a charitable holding given to Sidmouth Town Council as trustees in 1896 to hold as a place of public enjoyment.

The other pages in this section give detailed information on the proposals. They were created for public information during the Scoping process and then archived here afterwards.