Port Royal thoughts

Whether you are Re-imagining Port Royal or Re-developing Port Royal, or re-assessing it or repurposing it, this is the place to come for discussion. At the moment the weather is stormy as we consider possible ways forward but we all hope for an eventual safe landfall and summer skies.

The 2016 competition which was won by Turner Architects of London showed us the benefits of a pier and open, formal public space at the end of the Esplanade. The Beach Management Plan showed us how we can protect against storm, flooding and erosion. The Neighbourhood Plan is working towards a referendum on our collected aspirations for the future Sidmouth, marrying the best of the old with a vision for the new. It is up to us to bind these separate strands into a strong rope anchoring us in both the past and the future and giving us a guide as we move from one to the other.

We must not let others decide for us, we must not let standard corporate practice overwhelm the individuality of our town however easy or expedient that route may be. Our town attracts tourists because it offers an experience almost lost in other places. If we lose that character then we just become one of many similar holiday choices and tourism will suffer as a result. If tourism suffers then we all suffer.

Please look through our offerings and links, read what we have to say, what the Vision Group for Sidmouth has to say, what the other Drill Hall sites have to say (Sidmouth Drill Hall Hub and Sidmouth Drill Hall Research Site ), what the Neighbourhood Plan has to say, what the Beach Management Plan says and then revisit the winning competition entry which the town voted for.

Then share your thoughts with us.

One of the major concerns which the town has to address is the siting of current facilities which need to stay near water. Are we willing to lose the Lifeboat Station and the Sailing and Gig Club, and thus also the Regatta? Or do we build a revived Port Royal based on waterborne activities?