Background Reading

Everything which has led up to the Drill Hall being saved temporarily is now placed under this section. If we do not manage to make a Community Bid then the Hall will be offered for  sale on the open market, which could mean we have to fight at Planning Application stage to prevent the building being demolished and replace with a new building. You can help us by spreading the word, offering help with admin or building work, or even donating cash! All news will go on either the Drill Hall for sale or Buying the Drill Hall pages as well as being sent out in newsletters. If you would like to sign up to the newsletter you can do so at the right of this page.

The Drill Hall Research site contains the historical information about the Hall itself and the area in which it stands, commonly referred to as Port Royal. You can also find the Land Registry documents there as well as information about the Ham Charity and its Conveyance. There are recent exterior and interior photographs for those not familiar with the hall, also old photographs dating from before it was built in 1895 through to the changes in its external appearance in 1931.