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As I have said elsewhere, there are many reasons good reasons to contact me.

Please contact me

  • if you are able to offer time or skills, ie time to chat to people or skills in research;
  • if you would like to be added to the Newsletter list;
  • if you have spotted some interesting information;
  • if you know something, about the Hall or Port Royal, I don’t (this covers many, many things! );
  • if you think you know something I don’t;
  • if something on the website needs explaining;
  • if you have family (or other) photographs of the inside of the Drill Hall;
  • if you have photographs showing people at functions in the Drill Hall;
  • if you want to chat;
  • if you have several million pounds with which to bribe EDDC!
  • Or for any other reason which might help us achieve our goal.


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