On radio and perhaps TV

Get your radio out for  Radio Devon and your TV tuned to Spotlight TV BBC 1; tomorrow morning Thurs 27th July for the radio and later in the day for the TV.

The Sidmouth campaigners are linking with Exmouth and Torbay to form a support group which will be called something like Save our Seafronts. The name is not important at this stage but the joining together is.

Our Devon economy depends on tourists and yet our seafronts are under attack by people wanting to ‘maximise the potential’. We have all seen the results of that. Whether it be Benidorm or Kong Kong, huge buildings sap all the individuality and charm out of an area.

‘Pack ’em in and stack ’em high’ is not an aspiration for the people of Devon so we need to oppose such proposals.

Listen to Alan Griffey from Torbay in a radio interview with Sophie Pierce, followed by a live interview with our own Matt Booth back in the studio. Tomorrow morning, don’t miss it! Perhaps we will make the phone-in at 1 pm and you can have your say too?

Then write to your Councillors to say we want to reuse, and not demolish and build a block like this.