Proposals for Port Royal

When is a proposal not a proposal?

1)  On a website ‘You can look at the proposals in person’ and ‘look at a small exhibition of the proposals and talk to council officers and the consultants who will be at each event.’ and ‘Live consultations. We and Sidmouth Town Council are asking for your views on initial proposals for development of the Port Royal area in Sidmouth before 5pm on 31 July 2017.’ and ‘If you can’t come along to the events you can look at the proposals here

2) On a consultation board ‘We would welcome your thoughts and comments on these initial proposals’

3) In the text of a survey ‘ B. What do you think of the proposals for the Port Royal site?’

4) In a joint press release ‘There are no plans or proposals being made at this stage.’ Sidmouth Town and East Devon District Councils spokesperson, and Cllr Jeff Turner.

5) On Consutation Board 4, titled ‘Proposal’

‘It is not a proposal for how the building will look’ and ‘sketch of proposed building’

What do they really expect us to believe?