Planning thoughts

I hope to share with you all the things I have thought about when considering my response to the Rockfish Drill Hall planning application. It is not an easy thing to get one’s head round.

Many of you may like to make a comment of some sort but don’t have the time to cross reference all the legal positions, and in planning law it is only the legal stuff which can be taken into account. So I hope that things I have compiled will give you any references you need to say what you want, whatever stance you take. On the planning portal you can choose to ‘support’, ‘object’, or leave neutral comment. I will be going for the neutral route because I believe there are many good points to this proposal but there are also some glaring holes in their concept and their documentation.

This is what I extracted from the Sid Vale Neighbourhood Plan. It is not law until and unless we vote for it to be, on the 19th September in the Referendum. However, as it has been approved by an independent Inspector it should be given a certain amount of weight because it accurately reflects National Planning law, the contents of the Local Plan and the responses collected from many surveys and consultations.

Extracts from SVNP concerning Port Royal

Then there is all the stuff to find in Government Guidance documents

Guidance relevant to Rockfish Drill Hall Proposal

You may also like to look at the sections of the East Devon Local Plan to do with Heritage and Local Distinctiveness.
Pg 147 Design and the Built Heritage
Strategy 48 Local Distinctiveness i the Built Environment