Drill Hall interior

The picture from 1909, shared yesterday, shows that the current interior has changed very little.

The exterior was modernised in 1931, I have a postcard showing the changes being made! This postcard is a Frith’s production and so can be dated accurately by its negative number which is shown on the postcard.

I think that this modernisation, in the International Style, has resulted in an ugly building. However, in most Drill Halls (according to Historic England) the exteriors have remained unchanged while the interiors have been cut about. Our Drill Hall is the opposite way round. Apart from the changes of the windows, from French windows to much smaller windows, the interior has survived more or less unchanged since 1895. It is in remarkable repair considering the neglect it has suffered.

This photograph is from February 2017. It shows the same corner as yesterday’s photo of the distribution of Easter Buns.