Can anyone remember last year’s Folk Week?

In Folk Week last year I annoyed local councils by producing a leaflet which showed the area ED03 from the Local Plan, and pointed out it would mean the loss of the Lifeboat Station, the Sailing Club, the Drill Hall and the toilets. I was vilified by Council and Councillors statements in the local press and in StreetLife forums.

Yet Lo and Behold; one year on I am being insulted once again for commenting on their ‘proposals which aren’t proposals’ which envisage the loss of all these buildings.

Last year in Folk Week we had just had the culmination of the Re-Imagine Port Royal architectural competition, with entries from all over the world as well as locals. Of the 5 shortlisted designs the majority retained the Drill Hall. The pictures in this article in the Herald are difficult to see clearly but the general idea is there.

The winners were Turner Architects, they have worked with people who have managed to find funding for ideas such as theirs. They think most elements of their design are realistic. Yet none of their expertise and experience has been tapped in this Scoping Exercise. Why?
The spaces they envisaged would be the sort of thing Folk Week needs for display areas.

Whereas this proposal (which isn’t a proposal), illustrated below, closes down the Hub making it a shadowy area with little place for people to stand and watch; and incidentally creating a wonderful wind tunnel effect! I am sure it will be much appreciated given how miserable the current area can be on a bad day.

Not to mention how the wind will rip at the Ham marquee!