As promised yesterday.

I have put the Excel, and the pdf taken from the Excel, raw survey data online on the Scoping Study page. You’ll find it at the bottom. There are also direct links at the bottom of this post.

This is the information from the 248 people and organiasations who commented on the Scoping Exercise public consultation at the end of June. The narrative answers so how confusing people found the questionnaire, and how in some cases they were trying to answer it without ever having seen, or perhaps understood, those consultation boards.

The people who understand how to read drawings should always be aware that many people can not read them. That is why illustrations from many angles, or preferably models, should be used whenever possible.

Raw data …. Excel format ….. pdf format
Both these are difficult to follow but it is worth reading one of them to get a feel for what people think.

The Survey response document.